Distributed Transactional NoSQL for the Cloud

Side projects

Projects directly related to NEO, but not actually touching its core. They might or might not be strictly dependant on NEO.

FUSE module

Idea: write a FUSE wrapper using NEO as a storage back-end, instead of a hard disk partition, or cd, etc.

Goal: stress-testing with filesystem benchmark suites.

Progress: Started in may 2010, stalled since then. Code to be cleaned up and published when I (Vincent Pelletier) find time. Unstable.


memcached implementation

Idea: write a memcached server using NEO as a storage back-end, instead of ram (original memcached) or other back-ends (kumofs, etc).

Goal: benchmark with memcached-oriented tools.

Progress: Not started, assigned.

API: Storage preferred, otherwise ZODB